Learn more about iAlert GUARD

Patrol plan with real time function imprints coordinates, time and position

Automated alert function, if the patrol stops for more than the prescribed time or change the route

Emergency alert based on the phone’s sensors which tracks for “man down” situation or the current patrol’s position

The patrol’s visit plan uses technology for QR or NFC tags

I.M.C. sends direct notification messages to patrol

Function which takes photo associated with patrol’s location, actual time and coordinates

Panic alert function sents to I.M.C. position on the map and status

Direct call function to IMC at the touch of a button

Learn more about iAlert PLUS

panic button 1

By pressing «Panic» you send a panic alert signal to a subscribed Incident Management Centre

doctor button 2

With this function you have access to specialized information, maps and other useful data concerning doctors, medical centres, clinics and hospitals

pharmacy button 2

Pharmacy function gives you access to public information, maps and other useful data concerning pharmacies

heart button [Converted]

This function aims to retrieve a person’s identity and the latest coordinates footprint on a map if a specific safety problem arises

search button

Through «Notifications» function you can be informed as to all the emergency calls from authorities e.g. extreme weather phenomena, earthquakes, offers by the safety network and cooperators we have at your disposal in several countries

About Almooond

We develop software and IT solutions that help practically eliminate health and life insurance costs.
Our objective is to record an individual’s state of health and safety at any given point in time and send that information to him or to care services so that they can step in.
We believe that if such incidents are addressed at the right time in a direct, substantive manner, the costs can be minimal or even zero.