Employee's Check IN & Check OUT using the iAlert Facility app

Greek ERGANIS framework

In today's security industry, it is crucial to have an accurate procedure to track the check-in and check-out timings of every employee. iAlert Facility is designed precisely for this purpose, providing an efficient and streamlined solution according to the Greek ERGANI framewοrk demand. 

We understand the challenges faced by traditional-every day security  operations, and that is why we believe iAlert Facility is a game-changer. This comprehensive app aims to shed light on the capabilities every patrol team and security practices. By seamlessly integrating with 'Realview 4Security', our central management software  based on AWS, iAlert Facility revolutionizes patrol management with its powerful features.

iAlert Facility, with its extensive features, it enables us to monitor and manage our security teams more effectively noticing them in their personal email for every missed check in/out. The system keeps the archive of each emploee for 10 years according to the regulation. 

Employee's Check IN & Check OUT using the iAlert Facility app
ALMOOOND EOOD, Dimitris Vitis 12 January 2024
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