Enhancing Your Personal Security with iAlert PLUS

31 October 2023 by
ALMOOOND EOOD, Giota Chalkia

Discover the essential features of the iAlert PLUS app in this comprehensive overview, empowering you to take charge of your safety.

🚨 Alert Section: Your Panic Button Initiate emergency assistance with a single press of the panic button. Track your location in real-time, ensuring a swift response from the Security Operations Center (SOC).

👤 Who I Am: Customizing Your Profile Personalize your emergency preparedness with customizable profile sections, including contact information, email alerts, alert settings, health information, insurance details, and a 7-day location history review.

📅 Events: Keeping You in the Loop Explore the "Events" section where all your interactions, such as panic button usage and audio messages, are recorded for your reference.

Your Safety, Your Way iAlert PLUS goes beyond being an app; it's your dedicated security companion. With features like the panic button, customizable profiles, and real-time location data, this app empowers you to stay safe, secure, and in control in any situation.

Continue reading to delve into the details and unlock peace of mind with iAlert PLUS.


ALMOOOND EOOD, Giota Chalkia 31 October 2023
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